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Welcome to Growth Street's inspiring "Growth Stories" webpage, where success takes center stage! Explore firsthand accounts from individuals whose professional journeys have been transformed by the expertise and support of Growth Street and its visionary founder.

Whether you're considering collaborating with Growth Street or seeking inspiration for your own professional journey, these testimonials provide valuable perspectives on the transformative power of strategic guidance and unwavering support.

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Alex Kiyota - Kaiser Permanente

Darsh was a huge factor in helping me land, not one, but two of my internships. Those two internships were completely different positions and fields, but Darsh gave me relevant, specified mentorship for both. He gave me advice I consistently use to this day and will continue to use in job search, networking, research, and interviews.

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Devaki Desai - Mariott International

I initially went to Darsh to get a few tips on an upcoming interview, but his coaching, encouragement, and genuine interest in my success exceeded my expectations. Darsh helped me feel so much more confident and prepared for each of my interviews which resulted in me securing a job with a Fortune 500 company before graduating college.

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Dan Gutierrez - BlackRock

Darsh will never tell people what they want to hear but rather what they need to hear. With Darsh laying the foundation through his actions and following his philosophy of self-direction, courage, and determination, I was able to apply these traits and skills to my own path, leading me to where I am today. Currently working as a Trading analyst at BlackRock in NYC, I know that without Darsh being apart of my journey here I may have never had landed such a great opportunity.

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Vincent Manzi - KPMG

Thanks to Darsh’s mentorship and enthusiasm, I was able to land a marketing internship as a finance major with no previous experience in that field. I was able to go into the interview as my most confident self due to Darsh’s contagious positive attitude. Using his expertise in marketing, I was able to succeed in this position despite being pushed outside my comfort zone.

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Kunal Parikh - Capital One

As I’ve interacted with Darsh professionally, it’s evident he’s demonstrated a deep understanding of career readiness. Specifically his understanding of networking and behavioral interviews enabled me to be confident with my own interviews. Additionally, his LinkedIn skills and resume skills also helped me become more adept in my own job search.

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Priya Kaneria - Citi Bank

I can confidently say that Darsh’s guidance and support have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. He went above and beyond to provide constructive feedback, offer encouragement, and challenge me to push my boundaries at every stage of the recruitment process.  

… I landed a full-time job at the HQ of Citibank in New York City!

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Yash Patel - Prudential Financial

Darsh has been my mentor since the beginning of my professional career, and who knows where I would be today without him! From starting with no experience in Finance to having had an internship on Wall Street and an internship at a Fortune 500 company, Darsh gave me the confidence, energy, and ability to succeed in the business world. Throughout all the years that I’ve worked with him, his readiness to help others was unlike any other mentor I’ve had. His positivity and passion is truly one of a kind, and I cherish the relationship I have with him. Whether it was random check ups or prepping for interviews, Darsh always made me feel like I had a rock in my corner.

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Andrew Feinstein - SEI

Darsh Patel played an invaluable role in my journey to becoming an Operations Analyst. His dedication and guidance were instrumental in preparing me for the rigorous interview process. Darsh spent extensive time practicing interview scenarios, meticulously dissecting various questions, ensuring I was well-equipped with compelling responses. His commitment to my success went above and beyond mere advice. His dedication was evident in the numerous practice sessions we conducted, meticulously refining my responses to various interview scenarios. He didn't just focus on generic answers; instead, he tailored each response to resonate with the specifics of the role. As a result, I felt confident, well-prepared, and perfectly aligned with the role I eventually secured. Darsh’s mentorship was truly the cornerstone of my success in landing the Operations Analyst position.

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Chris Simmons - Labelbox

Working with Darsh and Growth Street has been an absolute game-changer for my career. His insightful guidance opened doors I didn't even know existed and his mentorship has been invaluable in providing not just career advice but also fostering a supportive and growth-oriented mindset. I've not only advanced professionally but also developed lasting personal connections that continue to enrich my life. I'm grateful for Darsh's impactful influence!